What do you write on a ribbon funeral?

When a loved one passes away, it's never easy to find the right words to say. But at a funeral, there is one thing that can help us express our feelings - a ribbon with a personal message. It is a beautiful gesture that shows how much we care, and how much of an impression the person has made on our lives.

Here are some suggestions for what to write on a ribbon for a funeral:

  1. "In our heart, in our mind you are forever locked in."

  2. "You were so dear to us and so hard to lose."

  3. "You are sorely missed."

  4. "A little angel to us came, just smiled and turned around."

  5. "Two busy hands have rested, they would like to live in heaven."

  6. "The greatest joy you could have was making others happy."

  7. "You will not be forgotten."

  8. "We meet again."

  9. "Blessed be thy memory."

  10. "Loved and missed."

  11. "Thanks."

  12. "Thanks for everything."

  13. "Thanks for the good memories."

  14. "Peace."

  15. "Rest in peace."

  16. "Peace in the name of Jesus."

  17. "All by grace."

  18. "Much loved - deeply missed."

  19. "Love deeply - miss deeply."

  20. "God is love."

  21. "Dear is your memory."

  22. "Remembering in love."

  23. "Dear are the memories."

  24. "A last good bye."

  25. "You were so dear to us and therefore so hard to lose. You will always live in our hearts."

  26. "Death came quietly, came as a friend, took mother/father by the hand, and led him/her home."

  27. "Patient you suffered, rest in God's peace."

  28. "Thank you for the good memories, dear mother/father."

  29. "In peace you walked, in peace you suffered. Rest in God's peace."

  30. "Blessed is the one who, when everything passes away, has Jesus and heaven again."

  31. "What you suffered, we didn't know. Silent even you bore the pain. You were brave until the end. Thank you for everything you were to us."

  32. "May your lifelong faith sprout and grow."

  33. "A strenuous life has ebbed away, a diligent hand has become lazy. Your working day has now ended, your good heart has fallen asleep."

  34. "We lock you into our hearts and hide you there as a precious memory."

  35. "You were so full of goodness, which you gave us all. How senseless too soon you were gone for us."

  36. "The hour of farewell forever has come