• Funeral flowers

    Although it can be difficult to find words when someone passes away, flowers can be a great way to express sympathy. Flowers can help create a dig...
  • What do you write on a ribbon funeral?

    What is the usual text on a stretcher bouquet?

    Here are some suggestions for what to write on a ribbon for a funeral

  • Order memorable flower decorations at Blomsten Inger Høyvik

    The flower decorators at Blomster Inger Høyvik are concerned with creating unique and personal flower decorations that give security to the customer. Their wide range of products includes everything from wreaths, pall bouquets, and flower hearts, to pall decorations, anchors, floral crosses, and coffin decorations. They also offer reliable delivery in the Haugesund and Karmøy area. Read on to find out more about how Blomster Inger Høyvik can help you with flowers for a funeral.